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As warmer weather is slowly approaching we realize that it's probably time to get our skin in check. If you're like us then you now how difficult it can be to keep up with skin care during the colder months. There are a few things that we think are crucial when it comes to a basic skincare routine, those include these steps; Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize. Once you have these few things down, it makes adding any supplemenatary steps to your routine simple.

At Kiwa Studio we focus on using and creating products that are made with simple and effective ingredients. We also know that building a routine can be quite intimidating. So here are a few tips that we'd like to give you when it comes to creating a routine based around the approaching warmer weather.

1. Know your Skin

It's important to be familiar with your skin and know what it responds to. Do you have oily skin? Combination? More on the dryer side? Luckily all of our products are created to treat every skin type and are gentle on any skin. But when you use other products it's good to know what you're looking for. Many of these things might seem like a given but here's what we think:

For Dry Skin: Avoid foaming products, these usually contain SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfates) and Surfactants that can irritate and dry out the skin more.

For Combination Skin: You may try to shy away from using moisturizing products but regardless of your skin type, moisturization is the key to balanced skin. Avoid products that control oil levels and stick to using a simple moisturizer or a light serum/oil.

For Sensitive Skin: Avoid fragrance as well as products that contain alcohol, these products are most likely to cause skin irritation.

For Oily Skin: Avoid coconut oil, this can clog your pores causing further damage and can trap debris.

2. Always use SPF

A common misconception is that SPF isn't always needed. If you're someone who works from home and is sitting by a window, you can still be affected by UVA rays that damage the skin. "Our skin can also be affected by UVB rays that are produced by technology such as your computer screen, and cell phone" says Eucerin UK - " Blue light can trigger an increase in melanin production or pigmentation, leading to age spots or melasma."

With that being said, SPF should be worn regardless of if you plan on leaving the house that day especially if you are someone who uses actives or retinols on your skin.

3. Don't be afraid to moisturize

Even though it seems like you may not need to moisturize in the summer months, you most definitely still need to! Summer's warmer months can bring lots of skin irritants onto your skin such as pool water, sun, and showering more often because of increased sweating.

Our newest launch, Repair Balm Concentrate, is the simplest thing to add into your routine if you're looking to repair skin's moisturization level while also providing your skin with antibacterial properties this summer. This buttery formula was made to heal dry patches on the skin while also help provide skin with antioxidants.


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