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How Sustainable Are We? The Mission of Kiwa Towards The Clean Beauty Industry.

In order to start a brand, whatever the industry is, what the consumers care about is the commitment to sustainability. Today, we wanted to discuss more of our mission towards sustainability as a clean beauty brand.

First things first, Kiwa's products are CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN. Our ingredients come from 100% botanical resources that are sampled and reviewed by real people, and that have no additives or preservatives. Regarding the above reasons, We claim ourselves as a clean beauty brand. In our production process, we use less than 5 ingredients for each product. This idea comes from our belief that less is more. Keeping simple as much as possible will make it possible to offer a more gentle product on every skin.

So the question is, how do we source our ingredients? All of our ingredients are sourced from small businesses that farm the ingredients themselves and are processed immediately. Sourcing our ingredients from reliable farmers is connected with one of our principles. At Kiwa, community connection is everything and very important to us. By supporting local small businesses, we help not only create new connections within our community but to spread awareness for ethical farming.

For Kiwa, "Sustainability" means creating products that aren't harmful to our environment while also being good for you. We deeply care about every little detail, from the way we source our ingredients to the way we package our products. As a low-waste company, we always strive to improve our packaging and the way we craft our products. While also focusing on low-waste production, our goal is to grow with our community and foster close connections all around the world. Not only with online purchases but also by increasing availability of our products at your favorite stores; One of our concerns is that ethical skincare items are not as available for everyone worldwide.

While sustainably-made beauty items are quite expensive in the market, we've been able to successfully lower our prices relative to others. Making our products easily accessible lets more people enjoy them. Seeing how people enjoy their skincare journey with us means the world to us.

What Kiwa sees in the current beauty industry is quite positive. It is true that the changes within the beauty industry have been a series of very slow and small steps. However, it has become more progressive. Seeing how larger corporations adopt a more eco-friendly production process is such a bright step forwards. Now the main issue that comes with this is green-washing.

Our founder, Kristina mentions, "Unfortunately, because of the trend of being more eco-friendly, many brands such as H&M and many others have taken advantage of this and claim to be sustainable, while perpetuating environmentally unfriendly practices. The benefits of having a strongly knit community though are where this comes in. We as a people can decide to make a change and boycott such brands. I have an optimistic view of the future and I believe that we can be the generation to start this change."


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