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"Kiwa Studio is a botanical skincare brand focused on creating sustainable and natural products using ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients."

Skincare has always been a way where I can connect with my inner self. It's a moment where I can intentionally focus on myself and give my body that little bit of extra love it needs. I feel that having a routine or ritual is what keeps me sane. It's a moment where time slows down and you are allowed to unwind.

I founded Kiwa Studio in 2020, just two years after I was diagnosed with an Irritable Bowel Disease called Ulcerative Colitis. At the time of this diagnosis, I was studying to receive my Bachelor's of Science to become a Mechanical Engineer, something that I was extremely passionate about. The time that I spent away from school led me to follow another passion of mine. 

When I was younger, my mom was never one to have an extensive routine. She used minimal products that she loved dearly and you could tell that just by looking at her skin. I find that a simple skincare ritual is what my skin loves best. Using a minimal amount of products that are formulated with high-quality, natural ingredients. My favorite products to use are anything that leave my skin looking super glowy/dewy. 

There is a sort of beauty in the way that we all take care of our bodies. Our rituals and routines are what can make us feel beautiful and that's what I look to accomplish with Kiwa Studio. A brand that you look forward to using daily, that helps enhance your natural beauty while being good for the Earth. Something makes you feel beautiful in your own skin.


Kristina Stojanoski 

CEO & Founder of KIWA Studio

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