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Planinski Čaj

Planinski Čaj — otherwise known as Sideritis or Ironwort, is a plant that grows in the southern Mediterranean and mountinous regions of the Balkans. Native to the Galičica, Šarplanina, Ilinska and Marovo mountains of Macedonia — this tea when dried, was said to be used in ancient medicine. It helped to soothe inflammation of the intestines, stomach, and respiratory system. Additionally this plant was used to alleviate colds and high fevers.

Kiwa Studios Founder, Kristina Stojanoski, took a month long trip to her home country of Macedonia, and was able to visit the regions in which this plant grew. Ironwort grows on the rocky mountainsides in which the area is scarcely populated. A guide, knowledgable on the region's terrain, is often required to visit where this plant grows. At an elevation of 3,200 feet, the plant can be found growing on the rocky mountainside. Though it is possible to see bits and pieces of it growing at the base of the mountain as well in the region in which it is native.

“This tea is something that my mother used to brew for me as a child and it gives me a nostalgic feeling, I wanted to create a product that felt like home to me and be able to bring that experience to others” says Kristina. "This next product that we'll be releasing at Kiwa Studio will be super special to me and I am extremely excited to share it with you all."

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