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Minimizing Your Skincare Routine with Kiwa Studio's Community

Let's talk about your skincare routine. In contrast, many brands and products co-exist in the clean beauty industry.

But how can we make it easier to decide what we really need in our routine?

At Kiwa, we believe a minimized skincare routine comprised of quality products works best. Today, based on our collective opinions and feelings from our community, we'll discuss and guide you through how to select the most effective products for your skin and how it impacts your well-being.

Did you know “skinimalism” is actually a word for the trend of minimalistic skincare?

The other day we asked Kiwa Studio's online community for their opinions. More than 80% of our followers have their own minimalistic skincare routine. One of the respondents gave us her tip to keeping a minimal routine, she said “Find products that you really love and stick to them.”

In the SHAPE magazine, Dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D. said,

“Truth be told, less is more when it comes to the best beauty practices. In fact, overdoing it with caked-on makeup or layering on too many skin-care products can worsen existing skin issues or create new problems” - 'Skinimalism' Is the Simple Approach to Skin Care That Will Give You a Healthy, Glowing Complexion by Elizabeth Bacharach

However, the other respondent pointed out our reality “Finding products that work for you is CRUCIAL”

It is indeed difficult to find products that work perfectly for your skin, especially when there is so much out there. It feels like there are many opportunities but also too many options. We believe that the best way to figure out the most effective skincare routine for you is to know your skin type. Getting to know your skin, will lead you to what skin concern you want to tackle. Regardless of what skin-type you have, a basic skincare routine should include these 4 key steps. Cleanse , hydrate, protect and treat. Once you know what you need in your routine and what you don’t, it will be the perfect custom routine for you.

We asked our followers, “what does it mean to you to have a minimal skincare routine”, some of our respondents mentioned important points.

“It is to address skin concern and achieving skin goals using only a few products,”

“Simple ingredients and simple steps that are easy to use”

“Effective, straightforward and sustainable”

As “skinimalism” continues to be a trend since the pandemic, we acknowledge that the pandemic brought us this phase of reconnecting with ourselves, family and friends. The more time you spend on your inner health, the more peace you will find within yourself and your community. A minimalistic skincare routine is not only effective for your skin but also for our planet. Which is why at Kiwa Studio we will always promote the idea of intentional buying when it comes to the products on your skincare shelf or even elsewhere in your life.

At Kiwa, your voice matters. We are here to create a product that is effective for everyone, and to continue to grow our community. We believe that self care is community care.

We hope this reflection reminds you that skincare is not only for the health of our skin but also to have a positive impact towards our well-being.


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