• Kristina Stojanoski

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Hello Kiwa friends! It's officially that time of the year. The holiday season is approaching us quickly, so we thought we would put together a gift guide this year with products that are sustainable and perfect for anyone! These are also brands that align with Kiwa's ethos so we are excited to share them with you all.

#1 Crown Affair

Crown Affair is a hair care company that has stood out in the beauty community. Like Kiwa, they believe in the idea of ritualistic self care in which we are reminded to slow down in life and take time for ourselves. Crown Affair has a lovely complete ritual set that includes all products on their site.

This set features their: - The Comb No. 002

- The Ritual Shampoo & Conditioner

- The Towel

- The Brush No. 001

- The Scrunchie No. 001

- The Dry Shampoo

- The Oil

#2 Feature Flora

Feature Flora, founded by Deana Nguyen, offers a curated selection of home and garden goods that are thoughtfully-sourced from around the globe. With teas directly sourced in Japan, Feature Flora offers a wide range of teas that honor tradition. Their Hario Cold Brew Tea Set would make as a great gift for any tea lover.

#3 Rainbo

Rainbo was created by Tonya Papanikolov, holistic nutritionist, raw food chef and wellness leader. "Rainbo is inspired by a reverence for nature and its healing properties and a desire to reconnect people back to this innate wisdom." For the friend that's focused on wellness, Rainbo's 11:11 is a blend of 11 powerful and potent medicinal mushrooms that can be taken daily just like a multi-vitamin. This tincture is made to support the body and the mind as well as strengthen the immune system.

#4 3rd Ritual

Founded by aromatherapist and meditation teacher Jenn Tardif, 3rd Ritual is a collective comprised of teachers, seekers, and makers around the globe. Their Apothecary Toolkit features three products; a body gel, cream, and lotion. All in which focus around the idea of self-care. 3rd Rituals suggests using them in the form of Palm Inhalation, Self-massage, and Savasana. This kit would make a great gift for anyone that is looking to slow down and relax.

#5 The Moon Lists

The Moon Lists is another form of ritualistic self care. Focused on journaling, The Moon Lists Workbook is a form of self-care that we often forget. This workbook provides questions, prompts, and tools to inspire different ways of thinking. As stated on their site,

"The routine practice of asking yourself these questions is an exercise in drawing the connection between memory and experience, a reminder that daily choices matter, habits are defining, and objects can hold layers of meaning."

Get this gift for a friend that is looking to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

#6 Avaline

For the wine lover:

Avaline, Founded by Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz, makes clean and delicious wine using organic grapes. Transparently produced, they offer a variety of wines. Their "The Essentials" set includes a trio of Red, White and Rosé.