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BLOG: Collaboration with Keep Growing Detroit

We joined volunteering at Keep Growing Detroit on the 16th of April.

For those who are new to KGD, they are a Detroit Nonprofit Organization and play an important role within the Detroit farmers' community. Their help to provide local sustainably farmed and chemical-free produce successfully promotes to delivery of healthy food to families. While also nurturing leadership skills in youth, they believe growing community connection is a key to not only providing local access but also more benefits of economic growth opportunities.

We wanted to join their volunteer activities because we truly believe that community care makes a large scale difference in the future and they are the perfect example of community care. We always try to put emphasis on community building and strengthening. Their passion and putting so much effort into building a better future deserve to be heard.

So what did we do?

They were preparing to sell their seed kits and transplants to make people easier to grow them at home. We helped them plant the transplants into new dirt and set up for their market.

Through this volunteering, Kiwa was able to not only strengthen our relationship with KGD but also with our community. In fact, we received some great feedback from our community by mentioning how great it was to be helping KGD and were interested in joining more volunteering with them.

Our founder, Kristina looked back on that day and said,

"This event reminded me how important community is to me. It made me so happy to see everyone having a great time and fostering more connections. We are the new generation and we have the chance to make changes in society. It is so inspiring to see how many people truly want to make those changes as well.

Other NPO we have donated to include Detroit Community Fridge and Conscious City Cleanup. In the summer of 2021, I joined CCC almost every Sunday to help them clean up around the city of Detroit. Volunteering for these organizations makes me feel so much closer to those around me and makes me feel like I've done my part."

At the moment, we don't have any upcoming schedules with KGD, however, we'd love to keep continue our relationship and hopefully do another collaboration in the future.

KGD has a volunteer schedule on their website in which you can sign up to volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays when available.


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